Students Making #StuVoice Visible: Images from #EmpowerED2014

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Chris Thinnes


EmpowerED_ThumbHeading out of Austin from the Network for Public Education national conference weeks ago, I learned about EmpowerED: Los Angeles Student Power 2014 from its Executive Director Hannah Nguyen, who had just inspired hundreds of educator-activists many years their senior alongside Israel Munoz, Stephanie Rivera, and several other leading voices in student union activism across the country. Having just witnessed a student voice workshop at the NPE conference that drew … READ MORE

Diane Ravitch's Blog: "Moving Description of the #NPEconference"

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Chris Thinnes



  Chris Thinnes: His Moving Description of the NPE Conference


I have been grateful for Diane Ravitch’s sweeping inspiration and influence, and direct support and advice, for quite some time. This morning, I was particularly moved by her affirmation of my recent reflections on the first conference of the Network for Public Education:

In this post, Chris Thinnes movingly describes his reaction to the first national conference of the Network for READ MORE

ASCD Whole Child Blog: "Don't Settle for the Okey-Doke"

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 Chris Thinnes

ASCD | The Whole Child Blog
Don’t Settle for the Okey-Doke in a Third Narrative of American Education


I am honored that Klea Scharburg and Sean Slade chose to post my recent reflections — on my remarks at the ASCD Whole Child Symposium Town Hall, my inspiration from the Network for Public Education Conference, and my thoughts about an EdLeader21 PLC Advisory Group meeting — on the ASCD Whole Child Blog.


"Don't Settle for the Okey-Doke" in a '3rd Narrative' of American Ed

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My remarks at the Whole Child Town Hall at the ASCD Annual Conference,
inspiration from the Network for Public Education Conference, and
reflections on an EdLeader21 PLC Advisory Group meeting.

#ASCD14 | #WCSymposium2014 | #NPEconference | #EdLeader21


 Chris Thinnes

 Sisters and brothers: Don’t settle for the ‘okey-doke’…
– Karen Lewis

We don’t support the status quo…
– John Kuhn

I just returned to L.A. after the honor of participating in one of the … READ MORE

"Choosing Your Tomorrow Today" – @WholeChildASCD's #WCSymposium2014

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Inviting your reflections on the phrase “Choosing your tomorrow today” before the WCS Town Hall at the ASCD Annual Conference, this Sunday 3/16 in Los Angeles


Chris Thinnes


#WCSymposium2014Seriously: nobody is more surprised than I to confirm that I will join “a panel of education experts” for the first installment of ASCD’s “Whole Child Symposium” at the “WCS Town Hall” this Sunday in Los … READ MORE

An Education Spring in Our Step: Reflections on the #NPEconference

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Reflections on the first national conference of the Network for Public Education in
Austin, TX, March 1-2, 2014. (Generously affirmed and reposted by Diane Ravitch)


An #EducationSpring in Our Step:

Reflections on the First National #NPEconference


Chris Thinnes

I’m back! I’m back! I’m back!…
Get up offa that thing
And try to release that pressure..
Ha! Good God! So Good!

– James Brown

Sisters and brothers,
Don’t settle for the okey-doke.

– Karen … READ MORE

An Unexpected Chord: Facilitation, Learning, and Leadership [#PZME #PZextend]

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Reflections on Project Zero Perspectives: How & Where Does Learning Thrive? at Presbyterian Day School, Memphis (Feb 13-15, 2014) [#PZME #PZextend]


An Unexpected Chord:

Reflections on Facilitation, Learning, and Leadership after #PZME


Chris Thinnes


Two things drew me to the Project Zero Perspectives conference hosted by the Martin Institute at Presbyterian Day School in Memphis last week. The first was the invitation to collaborate with Martin Institute Fellows Philip Cummings, Robert READ MORE

Circle Time: A Reflection on Policy & Public Purpose

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Chris Thinnes

Don’t believe the hype, it’s a sequel
As an equal can I get this through to you?
…Don’t believe the hype.
Public Enemy

More talking, less yelling.
Peter Gow

Thomas Hobson writes regularly stunning blog posts that document both the learning of his preschool students, and his reflections as a preschool teacher. You should follow his blog right now — or, at the very least, his Twitter feed — if you … READ MORE

Grant Wiggins' Essential Question about 'Apartheid'

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or “The Power of Backwards Design”


Chris Thinnes


And the point was to provoke thought and discussion…
– Grant Wiggins

The purpose of this post is to document an interruption. I say that as much to focus and to limit my own thoughts  —  in a haze of outrage occasioned by the betrayal of a seemingly feigned apology  —  as to ward off critical commentary from folks who may wish to take issue … READ MORE

Reflections on Popular Posts in 2013 (

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Chris Thinnes

Scribble, scribble, scribble — Eh, Mr. Gibbon?

King George III

Everywhere that you go, no matter where you at
I said you talk about this, and you talk about that —
When the cat took your tongue, I say you took it right back

…You talk too much. You never shut up!!



Jonathan Martin — an incredible leader of schools, educators, and learning, and a man I’m grateful to … READ MORE