Reading Comprehension Strategies from Ms. Lockhart's 4th Grade Students

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On the prowl for sound reading comprehension tips for students and their families, Ms. Lockhart asked her 4th grade students for their suggestions. Here is a list of recommended strategies for effective readers, from her 4th grade class.

Yes: verbatim.

• Visualize the setting

• Ask questions

• Ask questions like, “What would I do in this situation? And then compare to what the character actually does.

• Predict what will happen next

• Think … READ MORE

Honored to Join CTA, NAIS National Think Tank on Diversity

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Dear Colleagues and Families:

I was honored and humbled this week to receive a letter from Gene Batiste, NAIS’s Vice President of School Field Services & Equity and Justice Initiatives, inviting me to join “Call-to-Action (CTA)” the National Association of Independent Schools’ national think tank and advisory council on diversity.

Gene’s letter best represents the stunning opportunity this represents for me to learn from, and to serve with, an extraordinary group of national school leaders … READ MORE

Presentation Slides & Worksheets from Ken Kay Event

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Originally published on the CFEE site, following “Strategic Leadership & Partnership for Independent Schools of the Future: An Evening with Ken Kay”


Presentation Slides & Worksheets

Presentation slides and worksheets from “Strategic Leadership & Partnership for Independent Schools of the Future: An Evening for Independent School Leaders with Ken Kay” are available below.

Information about EdLeader21, and videos from EdLeader21, are available here. A brief bio of Ken Kay is available hereREAD MORE

Overview of the #Curtis21C Challenge: New Rules & Tools for Sharing in Schools of the Future

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Chris Thinnes

Let’s start celebrating, and sharing, our experiences of a 21st century school.

To view faculty contributions to the #Curtis21C Challenge: 21-21-21-21, CLICK HERE

We must transform all formal institutions of learning,
from pre-K through college, to ensure that
we are preparing students for their future, not for our past.
David Thornburg

The obstacles having been eliminated, there are no excuses:
sharing should become the expectation of all who wish to advanceREAD MORE

Growth Mindset Learning Platform: Implementation Pilot

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Dear 6th Grade Families:

An investment in the “growth mindset” of all learners has changed the culture of Curtis School’s educational community in recent years. The pioneering work of Carol Dweck and Lisa Blackwell, represented most notably in Dweck’s Mindset and, more recently, Bronson and Merryman’s Nurture Shock, has changed the way our teachers support learners and our parents support their children.

Curtis School’s sixth grade students and teachers now have a wonderful opportunity READ MORE

I See White People

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Head of Upper Elementary School & Academic Dean

Reflections on Becoming a White/European American Affinity Group Facilitator
NAIS People of Color Conference, Philadelphia, 30 November-3 December 2011


As I mention HERE, HERE, and HERE, I recently attended the NAIS People of Color Conference (PoCC) in Philadelphia, where Sarina Fierro, Robin Keith, Mimi Petrie, Monique Sherman, and I joined more than 4,000 independent school educators (and ~1500 secondary school students … READ MORE

MT @CurtisUES: Twitterpated by personalized professional development: #PLN #PLE

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Leveraging Twitter to Create a Personal Learning Network & Using Twitter as a Personal Learning Environment

Resources from a Presentation by Chris Thinnes at Ignite: CurtisEdTech2.0 (13 January 2012)


Selected Resources on Hashtags:

Examples from presentation: #isedchat, #isedchat archives#edchat, #4thchat, #pencilchat#ReasonsWhyIHateSchool, #HungerGames

  • Mother of all lists of education hashtags: :The A-Z Dictionary of Educational Twitter Hashtags,” via @Edudemic:
  • Another extensive list of education hashtags:

"At the Table with Dr. King"

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Dear 5th and 6th Grade Families:

I am writing to confirm a very special experience we plan to share with all of our fifth and sixth grade students on Wednesday, January 18th. “At the Table with Dr. King” gives students and their teachers an opportunity to take a journey through the American Civil Rights Movement using the power of music, media, … READ MORE

Student Self-Direction and Peer Leadership in UE Student Assemblies

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Shortly after my return from the People of Color Conference, I was excited to attend our November student-led assembly of all Upper Elementary students and faculty. I shared with you in my November letter my irritation at the tone and tenor of an otherwise informative panel on cyberbullying and privacy protection law:

At some point, though, an hour’s discussion of the obligations of parents, schools, and government to protect children … READ MORE