Center for 22nd Century Education to Transform Education as We Knew It

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Center for 22nd Century Education
to Transform Education as We Knew It


LOS ANGELES, CA., April 1, 2015 — A group of education thought leaders and venture philanthropists today launched the Center for 22nd Century Education (C22E) with a mission “to transform education as we know it into education as we knew it.” Recognizing the trajectory of prevailing neoliberal education reform in the United States — schools without buildings, students without teachers, learning without questioning, graduates without jobs, and capitalism without democracy — C22E seeks more effectively and aggressively “to reconcile the state of our nation’s school system with the theoretical prospects of our grandchildren’s children’s futures.”

A prominent education thought leader who declined to be identified, but plans to participate in C22E’s projected initial stock offering, said that “C22E is absolutely brilliant. We were several years into this century before people really started talking about ‘twenty-first century skills.’ I’ve heard rumors that C22E is already developing a framework of twenty-second century skills, and it’s only 2015. They’re sure to corner the market.”

“We’re humbled by that kind of praise,” said Chris Thinnes, C22E’s founding president, when asked to respond. “But understand that we’re devoted not only to a clear-eyed gaze at the future, but also to honoring those promising methodologies and technologies that have been overlooked in the past,” he continued — citing as an example an oft-overlooked French study in 1900 that will be mined for its simplicity, convenience, accessibility, and affordability as a more effective teaching-as-transmission technology (‘TTT’) than those currently provided by the education industry:

School of the Future - M

Original research at

With regard to the multi-billion dollar curriculum, testing, and ‘educational technology’ market that has developed in recent decades, the C22E spokesperson acknowledged that “Yes, at the Center, we stand on the shoulders of giants… But now that we know what we want kids to think, it’s time to integrate transformative technologies to decide if they do.” The spokesperson declined further comment on what this might look like, but a review of publicly available documents reveals that C22E recently posted a research funding proposal to leverage contemporary advances in the field of neuromarketing to measure student recall and compliance — extending the work of pioneering Gates Foundation-funded research at Clemson University and NCTL using galvanic skin response bracelets to measure student engagement.

“For years the narrowing of curriculum, our focus on high-stakes accountability, the subsumption of the public welfare to private interests, and the entrenchment of racial and socieoconomic inequities in our society have advanced at an unacceptably glacial pace in our schools,” said a C22E spokesperson — noting student activism, educators’ refusals to comply with mandates, families’ resistance to dehumanizing policy, and community organizing as persistent roadblocks. “It’s time to seal the deal through more efficient systems of student training that we can provide directly to those children who deserve it.”

When asked about the timing of the Center for 22nd Century Education’s announcement, a C22E spokesperson noted only that “April 1st seemed a fitting date to recognize that an Education Spring is in the air.”


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