On the Purpose of Education (Index of Posts via @GOOD)

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Chris Thinnes


Recently I was having trouble remembering something I’d written in a post this summer, for a five part series Liz Dwyer encouraged me to post on GOOD, exploring “The Purpose of Education.” These were essays adapted with Liz’s support from a series on this blog, “The Root, Stem, Leaves, and Fruit of American Education.” I went bouncing around through the various links on GOOD, and thought it would be helpful for me to list these links in one place — as much for my own reference, as for the potential benefit of anyone else who might be interested in exploring these ideas with me:


1  |  Performance Versus Learning: What’s the Purpose of Education?

2  |  Are We Educating For Capitalism or Democracy? 

3  |  What’s Wrong With Saying Schools Need to Be Competitive in the ‘Education Marketplace’?

4  |  Is Personalization in Education About Students or Profit?

5  |  The Real Education Reform Choice: Democracy or a Doctrine of Repression


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