Honored to Join the Martin Fellows

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Chris Thinnes


I am honored to join Philip Cummings, Robert Dillon, Jill Gough, Alice Maund Parker, Meenoo Rami, and Glenn Whitman as a Fellow of the Martin Institute for Teaching Excellence. I am particularly proud of the commitments to public-private partnership, and to “leadership as learning,” demonstrated by the Martin Institute, its leadership, and each of the members of this cohort. As explained in the Martin Institute’s press release:

Martin Institute Fellows are invited based on their passion for K-12 learning and their willingness to share ideas with others in the service of professional learning. Martin Institute Fellows have full time jobs as teachers, administrators, or educational consultants. They come from public, charter and private schools. They share the beliefs of the institute that learning is a process founded in questioning, sharing and reflection; that all educators can design and lead rigorous and relevant learning; and that everyone benefits from connected discovery and learning.

Further information about this exciting opportunity to “help public and private school K-12 teachers and administrators improve their effectiveness as educators and exceptional adult learners” can be found in Senior Fellow Grant Lichtman’s recent post and in the Martin Institute’s press release. I look forward to sharing more about this opportunity, and my collaboration with other Martin Fellows, as the experience evolves!


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