"All Hands on Deck:" Pub & Pri Ed Leaders in Solidarity for Systemic Equity at #EquityExchangeSTL

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Reflections & Resources from #EquityExchangeSTL
St. Louis, Missouri | July 26-31, 2015


Chris Thinnes


Thanks @RosettaLee

At the end of “The Equity Exchange” in Saint Louis, participants in this week-long forum for experienced diversity practitioners and school leaders from public and private schools across the country gathered in a circle, to affirm the solidarity they’d created across their differences before heading their separate ways. Andy Abbott, Head of School at John Burroughs School, affirmed … READ MORE

What Always Seems Missing in '21st Century Learning' Frameworks

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A process post and provocation


Chris Thinnes

The core of what we do is create community, because
without community nothing else has any meaning.


Last week, I enjoyed a full week of dialogue and design thinking sessions with teachers in a new school leadership position, during which we had the rare opportunity, as someone once described it, “to take the time it takes to take the time” to ask deep, purposeful, and READ MORE

NPE Engages As It Must: The Statement on #BaltimoreUprising

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Chris Thinnes

How much closer to home do these issues have to hit
before people engage as they must?

Jose Vilson


Last week I reflected on my transformative experience of the NPE conference in Chicago, and shared some vexing questions about “the racialized dynamics not only of reform, but of our growing resistance.” I drew inspiration from Jesse Hagopian and Rita Greene’s vital provocation to understand the intersections and catalyze the solidarity of … READ MORE

"If These Two Movements Found Common Cause" (Initial Reflections on #NPEChicago #NPE2015)

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Reflections on the second national conference of the Network for Public Education in Chicago [NOTE: This post was followed by “NPE Engages As It Must: The Statement on #BaltimoreUprising“] 


Chris Thinnes

Sisters and brothers,
Don’t settle for the okey-doke.

– Karen Lewis

SCAP 2015-04-27 at 11.28.45 AMAn unanticipated houseguest — my wife and I have named him ‘Flula’ [see inset] — will inevitably keep these reflections from being as thorough as I might like. And with … READ MORE

Center for 22nd Century Education to Transform Education as We Knew It

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Center for 22nd Century Education
to Transform Education as We Knew It


LOS ANGELES, CA., April 1, 2015 — A group of education thought leaders and venture philanthropists today launched the Center for 22nd Century Education (C22E) with a mission “to transform education as we know it into education as we knew it.” Recognizing the trajectory of prevailing neoliberal education reform in the United States — schools … READ MORE

Cultural Competence as Educational-Relational Thinking (Slides from #NAISAC 2015)

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Resources from #NAISAC workshop 


Chris Thinnes


As I wrote in a recent post, I was excited to join Gene Batiste (former NAIS VP for Equity & Justice, current E.D. of Independent Education in Washington, DC) and Rosetta Lee (teacher and professional outreach specialist from Seattle Girls’ School) to foster dialogue about “Cultural Competence as Educational-Relational Thinking: Bridging Learning and Community” at the NAIS Annual Conference. The three of us provided a … READ MORE

Building the Public School-Private School Bridge (Slides from #PSPP15)

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Reposted from PubPriBridge.net 


#PubPriBridge cofounders Peter Gow, Laura Robertson, and Chris Thinnes were grateful to be joined by SCDS Head of School Dr. Brad Weaver to facilitate a #PubPriBridge-inspired session at the Private Schools with Public Purpose conference in San Francisco.

More information about the #PSPP15 session is available here; slides outlining the framework of our presentation, and our provocations for dialogue with participants, are embedded below (or at http://bit.ly/PSPP-Pres).… READ MORE

9th Grade @ASESFTW Students Ask, 'What if High School Were More Like Preschool?'

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Reflections on 9th Grade @ASESFTW students’ responses 
to “What if K-12 Education Were More Like Preschool?


Chris Thinnes

If education changed like this, learning would be
we would not just need, but want —
and curiosity would have no limits…

– Riley W.

In a recent post, I shared how Deborah Meier’s work and a variety of recent experiences have led me to ask, “What if K-12 Education Were More READ MORE

Upcoming Workshops at #NAISAC15: Cultural Competence & Public-Private Partnership

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Chris Thinnes


I am excited to collaborate with two great teams in workshops at the upcoming NAIS Annual Conference in Boston. In each case, we are hoping to provoke dialogue and catalyze action in areas that matter dearly to each of us — but to learn as much from the experience and insight of participants, as we may hope to share from our own points of view.

NAIS-CC21C-SOn Friday, February 27th at 11:30 a.m. … READ MORE

Cultural Competence and Public-Private Partnership as Educational-Relational Thinking: Resources from #PoCC14

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Chris Thinnes


It was an honor and a privilege to spend most of the last week at the NAIS People of Color Conference in Indianapolis — convening with members of “Call to Action” for dialogue with NAIS senior leadership, co-facilitating White affinity group sessions, co-hosting a workshop on “Cultural Competence as Educational-Relational Thinking,” co-presenting at PoCCSpeaks on “Educational-Relational Thinking and the Future of Public-Private Partnerships,” collaborating with teammates on each of these projects, and … READ MORE