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Writing That Challenges the "Grit" Narrative

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Chris Thinnes

I’m mindful that prominent research on “grit” has a complicated relationship to the uses to which “the ‘grit’ narrative” has been put in education, and the impacts “the ‘grit’ narrative” has had on our students, parents, teachers, and schools…

That said, here are some pieces that have helped to frame my current thinking about “the ‘grit’ narrative.” I’m grateful to all the educators, academics, and activists who shared them with me. Leading … READ MORE

Public Schools at the Crossroads of Deeper Learning & Social Justice

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“Learning Happens Everywhere: Public Schools at the Crossroads of Deeper Learning and Social Justice” recently appeared in print in Independent School magazine. I am grateful to Michael Brosnan for inviting and supporting my contribution to the magazine’s 75th anniversary edition. I owe a special thanks to Karen Aka, Jamaal Bowman, Jobynia Caldwell, Pam Moran, Ira Socol, and Rick Watson for their dialogue and collaboration, upon which this piece is READ MORE

The 10 Most Popular Posts on in 2015

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Chris Thinnes 


“Writing is easy,” Gene Fowler was purported to have said several decades ago. “All you do is sit staring at a blank sheet of paper, until the drops of blood form on your forehead.”

I wouldn’t say that I “enjoy” writing something, so much as that I “enjoy” having written it. I can’t account for what makes a post either adequately appealing or sufficiently appalling to draw a lot of readers. Similarly, READ MORE

A White Man Swinging an Axe

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Chris Thinnes 

“There was a better way of handling it
than putting 25 bullets in my baby.”
– Gwen Woods

A year ago, the day before the start of the 2014 NAIS People of Color Conference in Indianapolis, a Staten Island grand jury announced that it refused to seek the criminal indictment of Officer Daniel Pantaleo for killing Mr. Eric Garner. By that point we had all seen, with our own eyes, the video footage … READ MORE

White Male Leadership for Equity & Diversity: The Example of Dr. John Chubb (via @IndyCurriculum)

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Dr. Eddie Moore, Jr.Chris Thinnes 


I was honored to collaborate with Dr. Eddie Moore, Jr., Founder and Program Director of the White Privilege Conference, on this shared reflection on the example of NAIS President Dr. John Chubb. We join NAIS and its member school communities in mourning Dr. Chubb’s untimely death on November 12, 2015.

Thanks to Peter Gow, Executive Director of the Independent Curriculum Group, for his … READ MORE

"How to Be White" at #NAISPoCC (Flashback from #PoCC12)

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Chris Thinnes


As I was gearing up for the NAIS People of Color Conference in Tampa this week, I landed on a series of posts I wrote as a conference blogger for PoCC in 2012. I remember, at the time, that I was absolutely ecstatic that Baratunde Thurston gave me a shout-out for this series over Twitter, if only because I titled the series in tribute to his recently released How To Be BlackREAD MORE

"First, Do Not Prevent Learning" – A Review of @StuartGrauer's Fearless Teaching

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Chris Thinnes 


I am grateful to Anthony Cody at Living in Dialogue for posting my review of Stuart Grauer‘s Fearless Teaching: Collected Stories, forthcoming Jan. 2015 from AERO.

Please click here, or below, to access “First, Do Not Prevent Learning: Fearless Teaching and a Pedagogy of Love” at Living in Dialogue

Fearless Teaching

–     –     –

You can follow Chris Thinnes on Twitter at @ChrisThinnesREAD MORE

Progressive Education Has a Race Problem (Part I)

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1 | Initial Reflections on #NYPEN2015


Chris Thinnes 


For progressive education to have a significant impact on schools or education policy in the United States, we will have to acknowledge, unseat, and transcend a century’s vexing racial tensions in our field. A progressive pedagogy that fails to be responsive to the voices of students, educators, families, or communities of color is not a pedagogy that should, or will, influence the trajectory of American READ MORE

13 Years of Dress Rehearsal?

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A High School “Back to School Night” Speech
Presented to Parents at Louisville High School
by Rachel Thinnes on August 26, 2015 


Guest Post by Rachel Thinnes 


I must admit, as a parent, I hate back to school nights. I find them extremely anxiety-inducing: finding my way from class to class, keeping track of new paperwork and schedules, and the scariest part of all, listening to 7 different teachers, summarize in a nutshell … READ MORE